Try These Laundry Tips To Help Deodorize Your Gym Clothes Easily

04/05/2013 08:02 am ET

Going to the gym is a great way to get healthy. But while your workout may make you feel awesome, it probably left your gear smelling anything but that. Luckily our friends at Real Simple suggest one laundry tip you can try that will tackle odors and deodorize your gym clothes.

First, rinse your garments in the sink at the gym. Then, wring out excess water and place the clothing in a plastic bag. Finally, just launder according to the label.

Girls Gone Sporty also recommends spraying problem areas with white vinegar before washing to help fight odors and prevent yellow stains.

These two tricks are really helpful if you want to prevent lingering smells after your workout. Plus, they're simple to follow through with, which we can appreciate, because after an hour at the gym who wants to a lot spend time trying to get rid of odors?

Click through our slideshow to see more great cleaning tips. And be sure to head over to Real Simple and Girls Gone Sporty for more information.

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