04/05/2013 08:25 am ET

You Created, You Decide: Which Funny Commercial Contest Winner Makes You LOL Hardest? (VIDEO)

You never know how a commercial will end. Sometimes they're a little weird. Irreverent. And unexpected. That's why we turned these commercials into the focal point of a contest for all you readers out there who love money. Or avocados. And honey. And Bret Michaels-signed accessories.

Six weeks ago, we asked you to either film or suggest your own bizarre commercial ending. And for six lucky winners, brilliant comedic duo Rhett and Link turned your ideas into videos.

Today, here they are: the best of the best. Take a gander in the slideshow below, and pick your favorite punchline by voting for the one that makes you LOL hardest.

"Make A Better Commercial Than We Did Contest" Winners