04/05/2013 01:19 pm ET

Stevie Johnson, Buffalo Bills Wide Receiver, Jokes North Korea Should Bomb New England Patriots

An outspoken NFL star is learning the hard way that rival fans generally don't appreciate when you ask North Korea to bomb them first.

Stevie Johnson, the young wide receiver drafted by the the Buffalo Bills in 2008, made the joke in a tweet Wednesday, requesting that the rhetorically aggressive nation direct its missiles at Foxborough, Mass., the home of rival NFL team the New England Patriots.

The response was quick and predictable -- both on social media and in the media.

On Thursday, Holden Kushner, the host of 106.7 The Fan’s “Holden and Danny,” told listeners he failed to see the humor behind Johnson's tweet.

"There’s legitimately a crazy man in a country that hates us that is threatening to drop nukes on us," Kushner said. "This guy’s joking about it, wanting to take out Foxborough first, and I don’t understand how it’s funny.”

And the host wasn't buying Johnson's lighthearted Twitter apology, either.

“He owes more than an apology,” Kushner said. “I’m sick of the jokes about it! What is funny about this situation?! What is funny about this situation going on right now?! Tell me! Anybody! You guys want to tell me what’s funny about this?”

But Yahoo! Sports speculates that Johnson simply may be suffering from a case of the sour grapes: The Bills haven't won a game in Foxborough since November of 2000, the site's Kevin Kaduk notes.

The wide receiver is just 1-6 in seven career games against the Pats.