04/08/2013 04:11 pm ET Updated Apr 08, 2013

Washington Nationals' Presidential Mascots To Run With 'Veep' Character

There's going to be a new addition to the Washington Nationals' presidential mascot race on Tuesday.

Running alongside Abe, Taft, Washington and Teddy is going to be a political figure from out of this world -- and inside HBO's.

The likeness of fictional Vice President Selina Meyer, from HBO's popular political satire "Veep" and portrayed by Bethesda native Julia Louis-Dreyfus, will make a special appearance in the Nats' game against President Obama's beloved White Sox, according to the Washington Post.

The official "Veep" Twitter account has posted pictures of the fictional vice presidential mascot posing in front of various Washington landmarks over the weekend -- and even struck what appears to be a partnership with Teddy, whose run of over 500 consecutive losses in the popular 4th inning tradition ended last year.

While this is the first time a fictional politician has appeared in the race, it is not the first time a television character has appeared. In May 2010, the likeness of Family Guy's Brian Griffin wreaked havoc on the presidential mascots in an attempt to help Teddy win.

While the partnership with Teddy means Meyer did get in touch with a president, it was a pact made over Twitter.

So, sorry Selina, the president still did not call.


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