04/09/2013 08:16 am ET

Mini Pigs Video Captures The Cutest Of The Bunch

Mini pigs are possibly one of the most adorable crazes as of late. Though mini and teacup pigs don't stay so mini, they sure provide loads of joy when they are small. They are precious, like their pot bellies rubbed, and some even like cupcakes. So, as a tribute to the mythical, though nonetheless cute, mini pigs, HuffPost made a mashup. Watch above for nearly two minutes of overwhelming sweetness.

Do your research before getting one of these little guys. According to Best Friends Animal Society, "The current craze for mythical teacup pigs as pets will result in thousands of these animals ending up at overburdened sanctuaries, shelters and rescue groups when they outgrow their purported small size." If you're looking to own a pet, consider adoption by checking out your local shelter or visiting


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