04/10/2013 01:15 pm ET

Book Club: The Truth Behind Hazel Grace

We've been discussing John Green's The Fault in Our Stars for two weeks now and have yet to bring up the main storyline: Hazel and her battle with cancer. Besides her relationship with Gus, it's the most important aspect of the book, drives much of her decision-making and relationships with other characters, and we wouldn't be doing the discussion justice if we didn't address it.

So, please join us on our discussion page at 4pm ET on April 10th when we'll be discussing young adults and cancer with a host of amazing bloggers and community members.

During this discussion we will be joined by:

Mother and Son, Mindy and Hunter Brooks - Mindy, a founding board member of Teen Cancer America, has been passionate advocate for teens with cancer since 2010 when her son, Hunter, 14, was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Hunter now 17, and in remission, is in high school and continues to share his story with other teens battling cancer.

Woody Roseland - a dynamic motivational speaker, comedian, and Huffington Post blogger. With great courage Woody has overcome insurmountable odds to beat cancer seven times.

Elizabeth Perle - Editor of HuffPost Teen and avid John Green fan.

Here's what we'll be discussing. Leave your comments on the discussion page to be included:

- How is the experience of Hazel's parents portrayed in the book?
- Hazel, August, and other characters in the book have this level of elevated maturity for their age. How does Green portray both their maturity and the fact that they are still very young--this phenomenon of teens dealing with a very "adult" issue.
- How authentic are scenarios in the book? What instances most truly represent the experiences of teens and their families dealing with cancer?

Leave your thoughts below and we'll feature the best in the hangout and tomorrow's newsletter.