04/10/2013 02:29 pm ET

iPad Stuck In Bumper: Georgia Woman's Car Hit By Flying Apple Product

Does car insurance usually cover flying iPads? One Georgia woman is probably asking herself that question after finding an iPad stuck in the bumper of her car.

According to local news outlet WSBTV, Alexa Crisa was driving home Friday in Roswell, Ga., when another driver, who unwittingly had left his iPad on the roof of his car, turned onto a street from a subdivision and accelerated, causing the iPad to take flight.

Crisa said she saw something flying toward her car, but never heard the impact, ABC 57 News reports. It wasn't until later in the evening, after her father, Nick, came from work, that Crisa realized there was an Apple product lodged in her front bumper.

"Why’s there an iPad stuck to the front bumper of the car?” Nick asked his daughter, according to WSBTV.

As Ubergizmo explains, the iPad apparently "flew off the moving car’s roof before it hit [Crisa's] bumper ... at the right angle and velocity to plant itself within firmly, just like how barnacles like to cling to the side of a ship."

The device was lodged so snuggly in the bumper that Crisa and her father had to use a hammer to remove it.

Surprisingly, the iPad still worked. Though the glass was broken, Crisa was able to open an app to find the owner's name so she could return the device.

While the iPad did not fared as well as its competitors in a recent drop test, the Apple device can evidently survive a traffic test.


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