Kevin Bacon is very sorry.

Taking to Twitter on Tuesday, the "Footloose" actor apologized to fans for publicizing a spoiler for his TV series, "The Following."

He's so sorry, in fact, that he even took the time to make and upload this GIF (click to activate):

Bacon, who plays FBI agent Ryan Hardy in the Fox TV show, slipped up when he retweeted a comment that revealed a crucial plot twist, sharing the spoiler with his more than 233,000 tweeps. (Go to Kevin Bacon's Twitter account to see the retweeted message. We wont post it here, just in case you're a fan of "The Following.")

As WENN notes, the episode in question was televised in the U.S. on Monday, but at the time of the tweet, it had yet to be shown to viewers abroad.

Catch "The Following" on Fox at 9 p.m. ET.

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