04/10/2013 08:17 am ET | Updated Apr 12, 2013

'Ready For Love' Premiere: Plain White Ts Tim Lopez Didn't Expect To Know One Woman (VIDEO)

NBC tried to pick up where "The Bachelor" left off with the premiere of "Ready for Love." Why follow one bachelor when you can follow three? The show also boasts three professional matchmakers. Each of them has selected four potential women for the bachelors, meaning there are 12 women per bachelor and 36 women over-all.

For the premiere, though, the show focused exclusively on one bachelor: Plain White Ts bandmember Tim Lopez. And they had one more twist for him. One of his potential dates was someone he'd known for a long time already.

"When you told me you were doing this show, ‘Ready for Love,’ it made my stomach turn. I felt sick," Leah told him. "I’ve never met anyone in my life that has met my fairytale better than you."

Unfortunately for Leah, who said she'd been falling in love with Tim over the past six years, he told her he just wanted to be friends. Leah was sent packing. Next week, the other two bachelors will be introduced, as the pool of women is whittled down over eight weeks until there is one woman left standing for each bachelor.

There was a lot going on, leading both and Variety to describe the show by using the word "bloated." thought the show as just bad with way too much going on, while Variety thought the show was trying to be too many things at once and kind of failing at all of them.

The Hollywood Reporter said that the show "seems to want to establish itself as something different so much that, in its exuberance, it's thrown in everything but the kitchen sink during its frantic premiere." But they feel that "Ready for Love" is "worth flirting with for now."

Meet the other two bachelors as "Ready for Love" continues on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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