04/10/2013 07:55 am ET

Reality Stars Mispronouncing Words: Ryan Lochte, Jessica Simpson And More (VIDEO)

When the trailer for "What Would Ryan Lochte Do?" hit the Web, viewers were treated to the titular Olympian's gems of wisdom. "Don't duplicate; just recipitate," he advises in one clip. In another, he explains his signature catchphrase: "If you say it like how it's spelled, it's jeah. But that's boring. No one wants to hear that. So you have to really put the enfidence on that J."

Like a true reality TV star, Lochte possesses a knack for mangling words. So, HuffPost Celebrity assembled some of the memorable malapropisms we've heard from Jessica Simpson (circa "Newlyweds"), Bret Michaels ("Rock of Love"), various "Real Housewives" and others.


Ryan Lochte
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