04/11/2013 11:49 am ET | Updated Apr 11, 2013

Lorraine Robinson, Miniature Designer, Builds Dollhouse Inside Daughter's First Guitar

The advantages of having a mother who is a teacher, doctor or a chef are obvious -- homework help, in-house medical advice and, uh, food -- but having a mother who designs miniatures is pretty cool too. Just ask Lorraine Robinson's daughter Cathryn.

According to a post on I Waste So Much Time, before Cathryn left for college, Robinson, who runs the store Fairy Meadow Miniatures in Australia, constructed a whole dollhouse inside her daughter's first guitar as a present for Cathryn. Yes, seriously. The miniature home-inside-an-instrument contains, among its many furnishings, a computer, a family portrait, and music note-covered wallpaper. There's even a miniature guitar.

Let's just hope this amazing gift survived dorm life.

LOOK: Mother builds dollhouse inside of daughter's guitar

guitar dollhouse 1

guitar dollhouse 2

guitar dollhouse 3


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