Javier Bardem Stars In 'Alacrán Enamorado,' Movie Based On Brother Carlos' Book

04/12/2013 01:39 pm ET

By Michael Lopez


Want to know how Javier Bardem plans to follow up his mesmerizing performance in Skyfall? With a role as a neo-Nazi in the dark drama Alacran Enamorado!

We’re sure you’re wondering why Javier would pick such a heavy duty project. The truth is, Alacron happens to be based on a book that was written by his brother.

Carlos Bardem actually picked up a lot of praise for his stirring original novel. And for the record, it does have an upbeat twist. Apparently the racist lead character eventually “sees the light” thanks to a boxing mentor and a sexy Latina.

It definitely sounds like an interesting character study and one that Javier was eager to take on.

“I fixed on several people to compose the tone and appearance of [lead character] Solis,” he told reporters.

Look for Alacron Enamorado to arrive in theaters later this month.

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