04/12/2013 01:51 pm ET

Justin Bieber's 'All Around The World' Video Sees The Popstar Going ... All Around The World

Justin Bieber's "All Around the World" video hit the web Friday, and it's a nice trip around the globe, replete with tens of thousands of screaming-until-they-can't-anymore girls, an encyclopedia's worth of tourist attractions and a veritable cornucopia of smooth dance moves.

Bieber fans will find plenty of nuggets here (there's that time when Beliebers got on boats and chased him in Norway, for starters), but aside from the bits and pieces of JB folklore, the video is really just a bunch of clips from his live shows. The concerts do seem fun, though.

In short, Bieber takes you into his "Life Of Pi"-meets-"Great Gatsby" world and makes it clear that he is definitely not like you. (Really, this is just like the polar opposite of those "Stars! They're Just Like You!" columns in tabloids.) Case in point: When you're driving around, does someone on a scooter pull up next to you with a sign (that was either made in advance or drawn while riding on the back of said scooter) that says "I LOVE YOU" in wavy and colorful font? Us neither.

Keep dreaming, or watch the video above. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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