Lindsay Lohan Is Self-Deprecating On 'Anger Management' (VIDEO)

04/12/2013 05:39 am ET | Updated Apr 12, 2013

Some star power descended on "Anger Management" with the much-anticipated "Lindsay Lohan episode." The troubled starlet guest-starred as an even more exaggerated version of herself, complete with paparazzi groupies and scandal-filled headlines. But this was a Lindsay Lohan trying to do the right thing -- it just kept coming across wrong.

Of course, she wound up sleeping with Charlie after he worked with her briefly as an anger management counselor. Every time he tried to help her, though, it wound up making her look worse and worse in the press. She was ultimately accused of stealing his daughter's sunglasses and even going on a coke-fueled binge with Charlie. That last one was the result of powdered donuts.

By the end of the episode, Lindsay was being arrested in front of his house while empty alcohol bottles spilled onto the ground. Through all of this, she'd actually not done anything wrong.

According to reports, though, she was actually a lot more to handle on the set. There were rumors that she showed up late, acted unprofessionally and even stole from the set. None of that mattered in the end, as Newsday said, "Sorry, haters: Lindsay Lohan was good on 'Anger Management'"

They wrote of her guest appearance, "Her timing was decent. Her sense of self-deprecation was appropriate. A couple of the lines were amusing ... Lohan actually has some talent." They called it a win for her. ScreenCrush agreed, saying that Lohan delivered an upbeat and interesting episode.

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