Brittany Murphy Starred In A 'Beverly Hills, 90210' Dolls Commercial In 1992 (VIDEO)

04/14/2013 09:40 am ET

Before Brittany Murphy was telling Cher Horowitz that she was a "virgin who can't drive," the future Tai was a commercial star. She was featured in spots for Twix, Honey Bunches of Oats -- and this incredible ad for "Beverly Hills, 90210" dolls. (Who knew "90210" dolls even existed?)

Murphy appears to be the precocious one of her group of girlfriends, coyly discussing the clothing she put on Brandon (swoon!) and how he was totally at (and in) her locker. As BuzzFeed Rewind pointed out, its unclear why these 8th or 9th grade girls are still playing with dolls and bringing them to school, but it's still a great blast from our 90s pop culture past.

[H/T BuzzFeed]

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