04/13/2013 02:45 pm ET | Updated Apr 13, 2013

'Vatican Quest' Video Game Causes Major Controversy In Spain

One papal video game is causing quite the controversy.

"Vatican Quest," a video game created by, has come under fire in Spain due to its take on the Pope’s activities, mainly acting as a pimp for pedophile cardinals. a self defined “social initiative in favor of religious freedom” has asked the game to be taken down from Spanish platform, calling out the platform’s president, Oscar Moreno, according to non-profit organization

MasLibres’ spokesman, Miguel Vidal said "Reducing to caricature the drama of child sexual abuse, and then profiting from it, offends the victims and their families,” according to the Daily News.

"This trend of hurting the church and Catholics must have a limit. Unfortunately on some web pages that are currently hosting the game it has become the most popular with its readers," concluded Vidal, according to El Huffington Post

The game was released in March. The player controls the Pope character, who looks a lot like Pope Benedict XVI, and helps him deliver young boys to Roman Catholic Cardinals, who then put their arms around the youngsters and disappear through doors with them. The Pope must not be caught by reporters and journalists with cameras or the game is over.

It’s not hard to see where the controversy is coming from.

Pope Benedict XVI’s reign was plagued with underage sexual abuse cases by priests. Yet the Pope was the first one to openly apologize and called for a zero-tolerance approach to the problem.

This is not the first time Round Games has released a game around a controversial theme, "Osama's Revenge" and "North Kim Jong Nuke Trouble" are two of the company’s most memorable ones.


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