04/14/2013 08:38 pm ET

Thomas Vonn Joke: Lindsey's Ex Husband Tweets He Called Masters Over Tiger Woods' Penalty

With Tiger Woods making headlines in the Masters and Lindsey Vonn watching from the sidelines at Augusta, the skier's ex-husband garnered a bit of attention for himself with a joke on Twitter.

Thomas Vonn tweeted on Saturday that he was the anonymous tipster who called Augusta National on Friday to report Woods' illegal ball placement on the 15th hole. The statement from Fred Ridley, chairman of the competition committees at Augusta National, revealed that the officials had been "prompted by a television viewer" in the process of assessing Woods a controversial two-stroke penalty.

Thomas, a former U.S, skier and coach, and Lindsey finalized their divorce in January. In March, Lindsey and Tiger went public with their romance.


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