04/15/2013 07:06 pm ET

Boston Explosion: Mexican Athletes Experience Marathon Tragedy First Hand

Officially 231 Mexican athletes were registered to compete in the Boston Marathon on Monday. The event was cut short due to various explosions close to the finish line.

With investigations underway the origin of this tragedy is still unknown. What is confirmed is that there were two explosions that left dozens hurt and at least two dead.

My prayers and my support are with those who lost their lives. It is something that hopefully we can change with President Obama, that we can control criminals in the U.S. more. This is something very ugly,” said Mexican-American Olympic gold medalist Henry Cejudo in an interview with HuffPost Voces.

German Silva, Mexican trainer and former Olympic star reported than none of those hurt were Mexican athletes.

"Two explosion at the Bostin(sic) finish line, seemed like bombs, we are all ok."

Former Mexican president, Felipe Calderón, was but a few miles from the event and tweeted about what was happening.

"Thank you for your comments and concerns. We are all ok. We were watching the marathon from a few kilometers before the finish line."

La Ciudad Deportiva reports that Madai Pérez was the Mexican competitor with the best record, finishing in seventh place.

"Today in the Boston marathon Madai achieved seventh place in 2 hours 28 minutes and 59 seconds, in the women’s category; only two minutes behind Kenyan Rita Jeptoo who obtained first place."

“We are ok, in our room. [The explosion] was around two hours after we had finished, we were eating, it was really strong. We are sad because this was a celebration ,” said Pérez to ESPN.

“It is awful that this happened in a race as important as Boston’s. The majority of the runners are Americans because of how difficult it is to get accepted, but there are also foreigners. Normally there are around 15 to 20 thousand runners. It’s very sad,” said Jose Sheinbaum, ex marathon runner with an ample trajectory.

Boston Marathon Explosion (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)