04/15/2013 04:24 am ET

'Vikings': The King Tries Treachery, But It's No Match For Ragnar's Bloody Resolve (VIDEO)

With Ragnar Lothbrook fully entrenched as the new leader of the clan on "Vikings," he headed back to England to pillage and bring back more spoils. This time, though, he tried negotiations. His reputation preceded him and the king said he wanted to meet with the viking leader.

He agreed to Ragnar's terms, and had Ragnar and his men wait at their camp for a delivery of coins. Only when they delivery was hastily dropped off, Rangar's men quickly discovered that the chests were empty. It had been a ruse to throw the vikings off their guard before a legion of the king's troops descended upon them.

Unfortunately for the English troops, the vikings were prepared for treachery. They slowed the assault dramatically by raising a hidden stake barrier, impaling several of the invading forces. What followed was a battle worthy enough to send Ragnar's old soldier to Valhalla in the way he wanted to go.

Rollo's baptism into the Christian faith proved to be a rather pointless ruse, considering the king had no intention of honoring his word. Floki harassed Rollo incessantly about how he angered the gods by participating in the ritual.

In the end, Ragnar got his point across. He defeated the English legions and set the king's brother's body back as a message. He got his agreed-upon booty, and earned the wrath of the king, as well as a promise of future reckoning.

For now, the pillaging continues to be very good for the "Vikings," Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on History.

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