04/16/2013 05:49 pm ET Updated Apr 17, 2013

Gabby Douglas Stars In A Nike Ad, Cracks Us Up (VIDEO)

We've all been there. After an exhausting day at work, a cramped subway ride home and the milk that you forgot to pick up, the last thing you want to deal with is lost keys. You know the feeling: You reach into the abyss of your purse, only to come up with bubkes. What next? Call the super? Phone your spouse?

Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas probably never has to deal with lost keys because she most likely still lives with her family, but her take on the mundane situation is nothing short of genius. In a recent Japanese ad for Nike, Douglas demonstrates just how flexible she is (like, whoa) as she manages to break into her own home.

If you're not Gabby Douglas, don't try this at home. Instead, knock on your neighbor's door for assistance. If you're lucky, your neighbor looks like Ryan Gosling and is in the midst of some shirtless home improvement project. If not, well, tomorrow's another day.

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