04/16/2013 11:14 am ET | Updated Apr 16, 2013

Poll: GOP Seen As Out Of Touch, Disapproval Of Sequestration Grows

A majority of Americans see both major political parties as out of touch, but especially the Republican Party, a new Washington Post/ABC News poll finds.

Seven in 10 Americans said the GOP was out of touch "with the concerns of most people in the United States today." Even among Republicans, 49 percent considered the party to be out of touch, compared to 42 percent who said it wasn't.

Fifty-one percent of Americans, including 21 percent of Democrats, said the Democratic Party was out of touch.

President Barack Obama fared slightly better, with 51 percent saying he was in touch. His approval rating of 50 percent was also narrowly positive, although a majority disagreed with his handling of the economy.

This all comes amid an uptick in dissatisfaction with the budget cuts brought by sequestration. Disapproval of the cuts is at 57 percent, up from 53 percent in an earlier Post/ABC poll taken March 10. The percentage of Americans saying they had personally experienced a negative impact from the cuts rose to 33 percent, up 8 points from March.

A CNN/ORC poll last week found a similar increase in those saying they were personally affected by sequestration.

The Post/ABC poll surveyed 1,003 adults between April 11 and April 14.


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