04/17/2013 08:29 am ET | Updated Apr 17, 2013

Jon Stewart To Boston: 'Thank You For Solidifying My Belief In Humanity' (VIDEO)

"Welcome to the show, once again, having to start under just horrific events..."

So began the first episode of "The Daily Show" following Monday's Boston Marathon bombing. But instead of delving into analysis of what an event like this means, Jon kept his comments on it brief, opting to simply thank the people of Boston for the overwhelming spirit they've shown in the wake of terror.

"Thank you for once again in the face of gross inhumanity, inspiring and solidifying my belief in humanity and the people of this country."

He went on to acknowledge the ongoing rivalry between New York and Boston, observing that situations like this reveal it's nothing more than a "sibling rivalry."

"We are your brothers and sisters in this type of event. As a city that knows the feeling of confusion, anger and grief and chaos that comes from these events, I can tell you from personal experience, you got a hell of city going on and you've done an incredible job in the face of all this."

Watch the clip above.


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