04/17/2013 09:06 am ET

Rachel Maddow: Boston Bombings 'An Attack On Highest Profile Moment ... On A Low Profile Culture: Marathoners' (VIDEO)

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On her Tuesday MSNBC show, Rachel Maddow discussed that the country is still waiting for answers about the Boston bombings. But in "the immediate sense," the explosions were an attack on marathoners and their culture.

Maddow described marathoners as "the endurers, the whip-thin, test-of-limits, addictive contenders doing something that is not much like anything else in our American culture." Marathoners, she said, seek "gratification that is so delayed, [that] it's a form of gratification that most of us hae a hard time believing can conceivably be gratifying."

Maddow said that the bombings could have happened for a variety of reasons. "It could have been chosen as a site that would be guaranteed to have a lot of people. It could have been chosen as a symbol of something or other ... It could have been an attack on Boston specifically. It could have been an attack on America generally and this is just where it happened to hit," she said. "But in the immediate sense, what happened yesterday was an attack on the highest profile moment on the highest profile event on a relatively low profile, unique culture, which is the marathoners."

The MSNBC host reported live from Boston on Monday evening, hours after the bombings occurred.


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