04/18/2013 09:12 am ET

Colbert Jabs CNN For Boston Marathon Bombing Premature Arrest Report (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert didn't waste any time jumping on the media's reporting of an arrest made in relation to Monday's Boston Marathon bombing. CNN was the first to say that a suspect had been arrested, but that information was later proven to be false.

After John King said that authorities had detained a "dark-skinned male," many other media outlets immediately parroted the claim, only to have to walk the erroneous information back. Colbert summed up the events, saying, "[There was] no arrest, but at least we haven't wasted any precious time not being suspicious of dark-skinned males."

Check out the clip above to watch Colbert make fun of CNN's blunder, as well as discuss the ricin scare at the White House.


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