'America's Worst Tattoos': Woman Needs Tattoo Fixed After Amazing Weight Loss (VIDEO)

04/19/2013 12:51 pm ET

On Thursday's episode of “America’s Worst Tattoos,” Rachael turned to tattoo artist Meg for help covering up a butterfly tattoo on her breast because of some serious shrinkage.

"I used to weigh 350 lbs. I had really big boobs, so I thought, 'You know, let’s get a boob tattoo of a butterfly. It’ll look amazing,'" Rachael said. "Then, I lost 220 lbs. Doesn’t look so amazing anymore.”

Rachael said she was disgusted by the tattoo after her breasts went from a size triple D to a 34B when she lost all that weight. She decided to turn the butterfly into a tribute to her grandmother, getting her name, birth and death dates tattooed in its place.

Tweeters said they understood why Rachael wanted to cover up that tattoo: One viewer even said watching the show makes them never, ever want to get inked.

"America's Worst Tattoos" airs on Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

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