Jon Stewart Blasts Senate Gun Control Failure, Hypocrisy: 'We Think Killing Our Citizens Is OUR Job' (VIDEO)

04/19/2013 09:55 am 09:55:47

Jon Stewart's Thursday night segment on the Senate's failure to pass even the most modest gun control legislation was enough to literally make our heads spin... wait, no, figuratively, not literally.

The measure lost despite winning 54 to 46 -- we don't really understand that one either, Jon -- but as he pointed out, the arguments against it were revealing. Apparently, GOP Senators have no problem infringing on rights that don't have a powerful lobbying organization watching out for them.

More importantly, Jon laid out the eye-popping discrepancy between the number of Americans killed in terror attacks over the last 40 years and the number killed as a result of gun violence. He summed up the inequity in legislative response saying, "It seems to me we'll move heaven and earth to do whatever it takes to prevent weapons from falling into the hands of foreigners who might kill our citizens. Because apparently we think killing our citizens is our job."

Watch the first part of the segment above (wherein he references America's favorite c*** punter), and the rest below.

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