Signs can tell you where to go, give you helpful instructions, or warn you of impending dangers. These 17 signs, however, do none of those things. In fact, unless you have trouble remembering how to use a toilet, or have the sudden urge to pick up a horse, these signs are pretty pointless.

Then again, there are some of us who could use a little toilet etiquette reminder.

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  • A Sad Truth

    No need to tell me, I know I'm not a mermaid.

  • Tempting...

    But thanks to that sign, I'll pass on that nice piece of Juicy Fruit.

  • Curb The Urge

    I guess this is goodbye, toilet curb.

  • No Throwing!

    There's another sign for that.

  • Toilet Tutorial

    Because we all need a reminder sometimes.

  • A Word Of Caution

    Because doors and windows are confusing.

  • Bathroom Break 1

    The elevator may be in motion, but your bodily fluids should stay put.

  • Bathroom Break 2

    That's just a crappy situation.

  • Fresh Water...

    Is not found in the toilet.

  • A Telling Sign

    For those that have never set foot in a public bathroom.

  • Stand Close And Don't Spit

    It's not too hard to be considerate in a bathroom.

  • Workout Attire

    Is not optional, no matter how good you look.

  • Horse Play

    But, that's why I came to this farm.

  • High Cholesterol?

    Not with a 5 pound limit, there's not!

  • Simple Steps

    That you should be able to master if you've ever used a toilet.

  • They Painted It

    And now they're just letting us know their job is done.

  • Do Not Ride The Elephants

    But that is always my first thought upon seeing an elephant.

  • Sidewalk Closed

    In case the gate wasn't enough of a warning.

  • Stop...

    Unless you WANT to hit that wall.

  • Unpredictable

    I guess anything is possible.

  • High Fashion

    We like to keep it casual up there.

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