04/22/2013 12:17 pm ET Updated Apr 22, 2013

High-End Hula Hoops Are All The Rage For Spring 2013, Thanks To Chanel & Free People (PHOTOS)

As fashion is a body-conscious industry, it's no wonder that activity is always in style. So what's the hottest exercise idea of the season? No, not yoga or cycling. It's hula hooping, and the creatives are getting crafty with it.

Our friends at Jezebel pointed out that Free People now sells a $38 hula hoop, a steep mark-up for a toy you can buy at a convenience store for a couple bucks. But this isn't just any hula hoop; Free People's boho version is decorated by noted hula expert/instructor Tiffany Connor.

The haute hoop reminds us of Chanel's infamous hula hoop bag from Karl Lagerfeld's spring 2013 collection for the label. Chanel's hula hoop is actually an innovative purse handle, meaning the childhood favorite is updated to incorporate storage (for chalk and a jump rope, we presume). Unfortunately the full-size runway model did not go into production, but a miniature version could be yours for $2,400.

Jezebel points out that Free People's plaything is "handmade in the USA," so that's pretty cool, we guess. Free People's comes in three colors, while Chanel makes only two options.

Click over to Free People and Chanel for further specs on the hoops. Would you shell out big bucks for a couture workout accessory?

Free People:

high end hula hoop


high end hula hoop

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