Granny's $8 Gift To Cash-Strapped Granddaughter Goes Viral (PHOTO)

04/23/2013 02:11 pm ET

A grandmother's thoughtful gift to her cash-strapped granddaughter has gone viral this week.

"Briefly mentioned to my Granny that I was stressed about money. She sent me $8," wrote Reddit user Delta747 in a caption for this too-cute snap:

"She may not understand inflation, but darned if that kind of effort isn't going to make you feel better," wrote Reddit user ImWritingABook in response to the bighearted granny's loving gesture.

Delta747, who identifies as a 25-year-old woman, said she's been amazed at just how much her grandma's note has touched the Reddit community.

"I love this. I keep getting messages about how this made them call their grandparents and I can't wait to tell Granny how much love she inspired. A good, good day!" she wrote, adding in an earlier comment that her grandma's gesture "meant more than [a] $100 bill."

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