'The Following': Jacob Tries To Convince Emma To Run Away From Joe With Him (VIDEO)

04/23/2013 04:44 am ET | Updated Apr 23, 2013

Jacob has been struggling with his place in Joe's cult since the beginning of "The Following" and this week, as Joe put into play an elaborate escape plan, Jacob saw a way out. His downfall, though, was that he envisioned getting out with Emma. They both loved Joe, but he underestimated just how deep in his thrall she is.

With the FBI having tracked the house the cult had been using as their headquarters, it was time for the cult members to scatter -- with some of them sacrificing themselves to help facilitate Joe's escape. Claire managed to get away again, causing even more injury to Joe in the process. But once again, it was Emma and Jacob who caught her.

After they delivered her to Joe, who took off in a boat, Jacob made his plea to Emma. "All of those people, they just gave up their lives," he said. "And for what? To be part of some book he wrote?"

Emma admitted that she loved Jacob, but she loved Joe, too. So she embraced Jacob and slit his throat, telling him, "I don’t know how to love you both."

TVLine made light of this latest death from Joe's inner circle, writing, "Now I know why production skimped on Nico Tortorella’s hair products last week; they had to save up for the gouts of blood that weep from his wound as Jacob dies."

The episode ended with Agent Parker getting buried alive by two other cult-members. Time is ticking to save Claire and Parker and next week is the Season 1 finale. Will Ryan capture Joe, or will he remain free to torment Ryan some more in Season 2?

Find out by tuning in to "The Following" season finale, next Monday at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.

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