IKEA is known for three things: cheap furniture, Swedish meatballs, and an ability to make you feel like you'll never regain feeling in your feet.

A photo of one toddler who took a trip to the mega-store embodies what every person who has ever ventured for a build-it-yourself coffee table has felt.

The caption on Reddit read, "IKEA is like a triathlon to a toddler." Correction: to everyone.

Then again, little kids are known to fall asleep in some unusual places. Alicia Steffan of "Naps Happen" has created an entire blog based on that premise. Below, take a look at 14 kids in some seriously impressive nap positions.

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  • Vertical Napping

    This napping genius doesn't even need to lie down in order to refresh himself. Which is going to serve him really well if he can still do it when he's grown up. And judging by the ring around his mouth, he may have also eaten something while taking this standing nap, although that has not been confirmed by the source. Forget the Nap Olympics, that would qualify him for "Ripley's Believe it or Not".

  • Cuddly Cart Nap

    It's nothing special to pull off a catnap. But what about a cart nap? How about a tandem cart nap? For all the times I've had to hear "Mama! He's pushing me!" this was a welcome moment of peace and quiet. It's nice to see brothers helping each other out once in a while, right?

  • Best Friends

    This nap is so infinitely likable. Whether you are a fan of man and baby's best friend (check!) or a fan of eco-friendly diapering (check!) or you just really like orange...well...it's Monday and I will not disappoint. Ever wake and feel something weighing on you? Thanks so much to Jeanie for sending this adorable guest nap and for keeping roughly two tons of diapers out of the landfill with her self-proclaimed gDiaper obsession. Her wee one has a kindred spirit in William. Sweet dreams to baby and beast.

  • Chef Boyar-ZZZ...

    This napper's mom says the littlest chef was playing with his toy kitchen and just disappeared to catch a little catnap. I guess cooking like Julia Child or MFK Fisher requires building up stamina. Chandler is well on his way!

  • (S)Nappy Dresser

    First and foremost, a disclaimer that no diapered children were harmed during the making of this post ... so keep your pants on. Sue, [this napper's mom] tells me that her son Logan is just a climbing fool, and one day she came into his room around nap time to find him like this. I mean, most of us have to battle our kids to keep them on the changing table. Logan is clearly far more enlightened than the average toddler. He knows that he's going to need dry pants sometime soon. Why not start the process before the nap? Of course, Sue removed him from the changing table for his own safety, but she tells me the next day he was back up there again. She even resorted to covering the changing table with stuffed animals to deter him ... but Logan is a man who knows his own mind and likes a dry pant, apparently.

  • Doggie Diving

    Mom Brittany's comment, upon submitting this picture of Esme, was that Esme was petting the dog and fell asleep. Well ... that's for sure. But what of the super-fab outfit she's wearing? And how soft and comfy can that hearth be for her precious little tootsies? Also, unless I am mistaken, that dog has a look of serious world weariness. It's like "Dude. Is my bed not even sacred?" Bravo, Esme! Nap boldly and nap well. Not sure there's much hope for the dog, though.

  • Tandem Twins

    You've seen solo naps. <a href="http://napshappen.wordpress.com/2010/11/23/thankful-for-team-naps/" target="_hplink">You've seen tandem naps</a>. But a tandem twin nap? That is only possible thanks to the generous contribution of my friends Christy and Dave, who have identical twin boys (plus another boy... they deserve their own tandem naps. Stat.). As you can see, these guys aren't required to share a napping style just because they're identical twins. You know -- one facedown and the other comfortably face...up? I wonder if there was a cry of "Mom! He's kicking me!" before the snooze ensued.

  • Ding, Dong, The Deck's A Bed

    Contrary to what this photo would suggest, I do not encourage my children to sunbathe. I also do not lock them on the deck in their pajamas and force them to take outdoor naps. Behind giant flowerpots.

  • Mini Planking

    As the weather improved last winter, outdoor napping became a new and tantalizing option.

  • Nosedive With A Soft Landing

    Folks, what can I say? One second he was sitting up. I came back into the room less than five minutes later and saw this. He stayed there upwards of a half hour.

  • Summertime, And The Livin' Is Easy...

    <em>Disclaimer:</em> No bunnies or children were slathered with baby oil or in any way burned or toasted during the production of this picture.

  • It's Been A Long Day

    I was inside the house when Dan ran in and hissed "get the camera!" It seems wee Cormac had so exhausted himself romping in the great outdoors that he threw himself over the porch end table and conked out. The piece you can't see is that it's about 60 degrees on this covered porch. Parents will be glad to know that I did move the ridiculous boy onto the couch and cover him with copious blankets. He had the deeply satisfying sleep of the great outdoors.

  • Mattress Problems

    I remember when I was a kid, standing on the risers in choir. "Don't lock your knees!" the teachers would always say. And who doesn't remember that girl who fainted and fell forward onto the row in front of her? Koren sent me this picture of her daughter Rachel, who is clearly practicing to be just such a girl.

  • Counter Collapse

    As the school year drew to a close last year, parents everywhere were getting tired. But, apparently, the kids are even more beat. Melissa shared this picture of Caitlyn on Facebook and her friends urged her to send it to me. Apparently, she put Caitlyn up on the counter while helping her son get ready for school and turned around to find her like this. Mom, your order is up! Er...down. Perhaps this is finally hard evidence that backpacks have gotten too heavy? Homework too onerous? Beds too soft?

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