04/23/2013 04:51 pm ET

Two Toddlers Attacked By Pit Bull In Fenced-In Backyard (VIDEO)

Two toddlers were hospitalized Tuesday after being attacked by a pit bull in Riverside, Calif.

The boys — just one and two years old — were visiting family friends and were playing in a fenced backyard when the family’s dog attacked, KTLA reports.

“The pit bull bit his face and then they were trying to get him off of him and then the little baby got bit too,” a young neighbor, Timothy Deremiah, said in the video above.

The 8-year-old pit bull has been quarantined and will be transferred to a humane facility.

Nearby city, Pasadena, is considering a controversial crackdown on pit bull breeds. While an all-out ban isn't permissible given California state law, the city is also mulling a mandatory spay-and-neuter law for pitbulls.

At the Pasadena Public Safety Committee meeting on March 11, the director of public health provided a presentation on local and national legislative precedent as well as data on dog bites, fatalities and use of force against dogs in Pasadena.


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