Frankie Valenti, aka gay adult film star Johnny Hazzard, is set to make his big screen debut in the independent feature-length drama "Where We Belong."

The film, set in a small town in Central California, highlights two estranged gay brothers who struggle to reconnect after the recent death of their homophobic father. Valenti plays the role of the younger brother and black sheep of the family.

The film is directed and produced by Wade Gasque. It's co-written by Gasque's longtime boyfriend, Mark Strano, who plays the older brother who still lives at home where he's been caring for the siblings' ailing father.

"I have a handful of gay sibling friends and I've always been fascinated by their stories but I've never seen a movie about them," Gasque explains in a press release sent to The Huffington Post. "What was it like growing up together? Does it make the experience less isolating? How do you disappoint Mom and Dad, twice?"

Valenti feels that this film is a huge opportunity for him. "This is my chance to showcase what I got," Valenti says in the aforementioned press release. "I want to be that guy who crosses over."

Half of the film has been shot and funds are currently being raised via Kickstarter to complete the production.

Watch a trailer for the film above.

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    Set in Margaret Thatcher's London, this <a href="" target="_hplink">1985 British comedy-drama</a> focuses on Omar (Gordon Warnecke), a young Pakistani man living in London, and his romance with a punk named Johnny (Daniel Day-Lewis). The two take control of a laundromat originally owned by Omar's parents. The film examines many controversial issues, such as homosexuality, racism, during 1980s Britain.

  • 'The Bird Cage'

    This <a href="" target="_hplink">1996 comedy</a> features Robin Williams and Nathan Lane as a gay couple who agree to pretend to be straight so that their son can introduce them to his fiancé's conservative parents.

  • "Farewell, My Queen"

    <a href=""></a><a href="">FarewellMyQueen</a>:<br />Was the Queen of France in love with a woman? In "Farwell, My Queen" Marie Antoinette (Diane Kruger) and her royal lover (Virginie Ledoyen) embrace in the Versailles Hall of Mirrors. Léa Seydoux plays the Queen's adoring servant who secretly desires her love and affection.

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    (user submission) THE BUBBLE opens in select US cities Sept. 7th, 2007! Directed by Eytan Fox (Walk on Water, Yossi & Jagger). Three young Israelis share an apartment inTel Aviv's hippest neighborhood. When Noam, who spends his weekends serving at checkpoints in the National Guard, falls in love with a Palestinian man named Ashraf, he and his friends conspire to help Ashraf stay on in Tel Aviv illegally. But will their utopian dream be shattered by the political and social realities of the Middle East?

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  • La Cage aux Folles

    <a href=""><img style="float:left;padding-right:6px !important;" src="" /></a><a href="">Eric Murga</a>:<br />This classic film-of which The Birdcage is a remake of- is still as hilarious and fun as ever

  • Get Your Stuff

    (user submission) Phil, a gay couples counselor, and Eric, a lawyer, are a gay couple anxiously awaiting the opportunity to adopt a baby, but in the meantime they decide to do a favor for their caseworker and take in two very mischievous foster kids "just for one night". One night turns into many and the couple struggles to keep their home and relationship in one piece. When the boys' alcoholic mother turns up to reclaim them, things get even more complicated.

  • Loving Annabelle

    Rebellious Catholic schoolgirls, hidden secrets and a controversial romance all unfold in the newest addition to the lesbian cult classic canon, joining films like The Children's Hour and Mädchen in Uniform. Annabelle (Erin Kelly), the defiant daughter of a senator, arrives at a prestigious Catholic boarding school after being expelled from many others. It's up to the school's poetry teacher Simone (Diane Gaidry) to ensure the rebellious teen does not stir up trouble. Brazen and beautiful, the new student quickly turns heads with her striking beauty and clever charm and set her sights on seducing her alluring teacher. Annabelle aggressively makes her move in class as the teacher desperately tries to conceal her lust not only because of her position but also because she is trying to suppress her lesbian past. Talented writer/director Katherine Brooks brilliantly captures the conflicting emotions of romantic attraction and apprehension in this thought-provoking and compelling drama.

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    <a href=""><img style="float:left;padding-right:6px !important;" src="" /></a><a href="">SteveDenver</a>:<br />Christopher Isherwood is perhaps best known for penning the books that inspired the musical CABARET. This film details his Berlin days just preceding the Nazi takeover. It's beautiful, very sexy, and Matt Smith (Dr. Who) turns in a no-holds barred performance that is transformative.

  • Aimée and Jaguar

    <a href=""><img style="float:left;padding-right:6px !important;" src="" /></a><a href="">SteveDenver</a>:<br />A gorgeously mounted and masterfully told story of two women in love during WWII... one of them a Nazi officer's wife. This film had as much draw for gay men because of its superior aesthetics and storytelling, as for lesbians because of its well crafted tale and stunning performances.

  • Tomboy (2011)

    <a href=""><img style="float:left;padding-right:6px !important;" src="" /></a><a href="">SteveDenver</a>:<br />This French wonder is a sensitively told story about 10-year-old Laure, whose family moves to a new suburb of Paris at the beginning of summer. When she meets the neighborhood kids, she tells them her name is Michaël. It's the perfect ruse: Laure/Michaël is athletic, flat as a board, and all goes well... until school begins. Some of the best child performances and the politics of kids at play ever seen on film.

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    <a href=""><img style="float:left;padding-right:6px !important;" src="" /></a><a href="">SteveDenver</a>:<br />This film was hailed as a "mainstream gay romance" for its joyously real depiction of two men who meet, converse, connect and couple for a weekend. One of them is leaving for school and it's clear there is no future to the relationship, but that doesn't stop an intense weekend bonding. Favorite line: "When I came out to my parents, I told them 'nurture' OR 'nature,' it's your fault I'm gay."

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  • Prayers for Bobby

    (user submission) Academy Award nominee and Golden Globe winner Sigourney Weaver stars in this emotional true story about a 1970s religious suburban housewife and mother who struggles to accept her young son Bobby being gay. What happens to Bobby is tragic and causes Mary to question her faith; ultimately this mom changes her views in ways that she never could have imagined. Also starring Ryan Kelly ("Mean Creek"), Susan Ruttan ("LA Law"), Dan Butler ("Frasier") and Henry Czerny ("The Tudors"). Based on the book Prayers for Bobby by Leroy Aarons.

  • Just A Question of Love

    (user submission) Just a Question of Love (French: Juste une question d'amour) is a 2000 French-Belgian drama television film by Christian Faure that premiered on France 2. It follows the romance of two young gay men, Laurent (Cyrille Thouvenin) and Cédric (Stéphan Guérin-Tillié), who conflict over whether Laurent should come out to his parents.

  • The Curiosity of Chance

    (user submission) A favorite on the festival circuit, this quirky film co-stars Brett Chukerman, Aldevina Da Silva, Pieter Van Nieuwenhuyze and Chris Mulkey.

  • Imagine Me And You

    (user submission)

  • Desert Hearts

    (user submission)

  • Undertow (Contracurriente)

    (user submission) A film by Javier Fuentes-Léon. One of the best gay films so far. Noticed worldwide, except for the U.S.

  • Sum of Us

    (user submission) A beautifully made and acted Australian film starring Russell Crowe and Jack Thompson.

  • The Wedding Banquet

    (user submission)

  • It's In The Water

    (user submission) The story of Alex, east Texas Junior League society wife, when she starts to realize she is a lesbian. It is filled with the humor of the small town locals being afraid that people are becoming gay because of the water. Also, it follows the course of several different gay men and lesbians in the town. Made in 1997, this film also shows the hostility with which AIDS outreach was still attacked with in the mid 90s in the south.

  • Kinky Boots

    (user submission): I enjoyed this article and can now add some new films to my NetFlix Que. But I was disappointed not to see Kinky Boots included.