Best Romantic Movies List Honors 'Brief Encounter,' 'Casablanca'

04/24/2013 10:41 am ET

Time Out Magazine has ranked the 100 best romantic films based on the input of actors, critics, and industry heavyweights, including Judd Apatow, Richard Gere, EL James, and Christopher Walken.

"We’ve brought together 101 experts to choose the 100 best romantic movies ever made," Time Out explains. "These are people who know romance: ‘The Notebook’ writer Nicholas Sparks, ‘Notting Hill’ director Richard Curtis and not forgetting a diva who has devoted a lifetime to seducing a shy frog, Miss Piggy."

The list features beloved films from the past 10 decades, highlighting the movies' best quotes and defining moments.

So which films came out on top? 1971's "Harold and Maude" took the No. 5 spot, while Woody Allen's love story with Diane Keaton, 1977's "Annie Hall" came in fourth. Taking the No. 3 spot was Hong Kong film "In the Mood for Love," released in 2000. The No. 2 and No. 1 spots are occupied by classics, as 1945's "Brief Encounter" narrowly beats out 1942's "Casablanca" for the top of the list.

Head over to Time Out for the full list, and click through below to check out which romantic-comedies performed best at the box office.

The Top Romantic Comedies Of All Time

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