04/24/2013 12:00 pm ET

'Brazzaville Teen-Ager,' Michael Cera-Directed Short Film, Will Surprise You (VIDEO)

Michael Cera released his first video for the comedy collective JASH this week, and few could have seen this type of work coming from Cera. Instead of doing the kind of brief, gag-filled short to which the Internet is accustomed, the "Arrested Development" actor (and on the upcoming season of the show, staff writer) directed and co-wrote a 20-minute film based on a short story written by Bruce Jay Friedman in 1966.

In adapting the story to film, Cera collaborated with the now 82-year-old Friedman, who also wrote the screenplays for "The Heartbreak Kid" and "Splash." He also enlisted the talents of Charles Grodin to play his father, character actor Jack O'Connell to portray his boss, as well as the singer Kelis and songwriter Adam Schlesinger.

We don't want to give too much away, but Cera's film is a very darkly funny look at the intersection of art and humiliation. Check out the video above to watch the film in its entirety.


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