04/24/2013 03:13 pm ET

Sex & Dating In College: Is Hook-Up Culture Healthy? (VIDEO)

What is the dating scene like in college these days? If you've read about the escapades at the University of California, Berkeley on a Facebook hook-ups page, or Nadia Cho's column about having sex on the Cal campus, it may seem like scenes from "Spring Breakers."

But in an appearance on HuffPost Live, Cho, a Berkeley student, said those posts online have been sensationalized by the media.

"I don't think it's that hook-up culture is the most popular, it's just the most visible," Cho said.

Andrew Lohse from Dartmouth College pointed out that hook-up culture poses some risks too, citing concerns over sexual assault in college.

Everest Wein, a student at Hobart College, said many people meet dates in class rather than out bouncing around parties, and American University student Judy Daghestani said she knows people who have never been in a relationship before.

Gabrielle A. Wright, a New York University graduate student, said she thinks these types of anonymous hook-up pages encourage "unhealthy" social interaction.

"I think it's unhealthy that young men think it's OK to approach young women in some of the ways that they do," Wright said, "and I think it affects women's mental health on campus as well."

Watch the HuffPost Live discussion in the video above, and let us know your take in the comments below.

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