Where Did The Girls Go? Closing The Gender Gap With Girls In ICT Day

04/24/2013 04:49 pm ET | Updated Apr 25, 2013

Shop owners in Haiti overcome a cash shortage by accepting payment by text message. University students in Saudi Arabia break down the isolation of nighttime curfews by collaborating over Facebook and Skype. Protestors in Cairo establish a voice and an identity through video, blogs, and Twitter posts. When harm comes to them, the world responds. From dirt roads to high-tech homes to town squares, technology empowers women and girls every day.

April 25 is Girls in ICT Day, an international awareness day sponsored by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). Events worldwide will give girls an insider’s view of where technology comes from and how they could have rewarding careers building, designing, and maintaining it.

Where Did the Girls Go? Closing the Gender Gap with Girls in ICT Day
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