04/25/2013 07:57 am ET

'My Crazy Obsession' Spotlights The Man Behind The National Mustard Museum (VIDEO)

Barry Levenson once argued a case in front of the Supreme Court, and won! He credits his victory to a jar of mustard from his hotel he had in his pocket. It's this passion for mustard that landed him a spotlight on "My Crazy Obsession." He's been collecting for a quarter of a century and has amassed a mustard collection -- the largest in the world -- worth more than $125,000. He even started a museum, The National Mustard Museum in Middleton, Wisconsin, for which he doesn't charge an entry fee.

It all started for Barry one night when he couldn't sleep. He went to a grocery story and heard a voice coming from the mustard that said, "Collect us." And so he did and has been at it for than two decades. Now, he wears mustard yellow, puts it on all of his food and even goes so far as to shave and brush his teeth with mustard.

He's devoted so much time to collecting mustard, that he quit his successful career as a lawyer, which concerned his wife, Patti. "The fact that Barry used to be a lawyer and gave up that career to collect mustard. I think it’s a little crazy, but he’s an obsessive person," she said.

She became so worried about his "crazy" dedication to mustard, that Patti mandated that he enter therapy for it. Barry agreed, but only time will tell if he is able to tone down his obsession, and maybe even return to work.

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