04/25/2013 01:06 pm ET

Oops! Babies: Woman Pregnant With Triplets Six Weeks After Starting Relationship

Whether it's a couple's first child or their fifth, an 'oops!' baby can greatly affect a household's emotional health and family dynamic. HuffPost Live host Nancy Redd led a discussion on how unplanned kids shaped homes for better or worse.

For guest Esther H, a surprise pregnancy just six weeks into a new relationship was compounded by even more unexpected news.

"I went in and had the ultrasound to find out how far along I was, and that's when they told me," she recalled. "They said, 'you have two sacks, and three babies.'"

Redd asked Esther how she initially reacted to learning that she was pregnant with triplets.

"I guess you would maybe think your first thought would be, kind of horror, because you're not planning on getting pregnant and now you have three," she said. "But that wasn't my first thought. I thought I was very lucky. I thought, this is amazing -- how did this possibly happen? And when I called my now husband, he kind of had a very similar reaction, like, 'wow, how is this even possible?' You kind of feel like the luckiest person on the planet."

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