All these little turtles have two things in common: 1. They're very tiny. 2. They think life is just one big joke. Get your lives together, tiny turtles!

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  • Do you think life is a game? It's time to stop eating that strawberry and get a job.

  • Oh, sure, it's all fun and games until someone with giant fingers leaves you for a younger, hotter tiny turtle.

  • What could you possibly accomplish with your life? You're smaller than a banana.

  • Go ahead, just keep eating mashed potatoes like no one's dying of hunger.

  • You think it's cute to showcase your vulnerability like this? You're a fool.

  • One morning you're going to wake up and that finger isn't going to be there for you anymore.

  • Nobody cares about anything you have to say, baby sea turtle. They just want to talk themselves.

  • You may be adorable, but one day someone's going to mistake you for a rock, the way nature intended, and it's going to hurt, feeling that inconsequential

  • What are you doing with your life?

  • Oh, look at us, we're three tiny turtles all in a row. Well, NEWSFLASH: life is full of pain.

  • Whee! Being a turtle is so fun! But remember, when you try to go to sleep at night and it's dark and you're alone, you have to live with yourself.

  • Just flop around in the sand like no one was murdered today.

  • Oh that's really cute. Did you think of that on your own? No.

  • Not only does this penny show your scale, tiny guy, it's a reminder that you've never earned a penny a day in your life.

  • Swim little turtle, as if life has meaning.

  • Sure, someone's holding you now, but can you trust this person? How well do you really know this hand?

  • Sure, this woman is feeding you a flower, but she doesn't take you seriously. You're just one big joke to everyone who knows you.

  • What are you doing? Do you even know?

  • Honestly, you were better off on your own. This giant hand doesn't love you in a pure way. It wants something in return.

  • Maybe you've got a little buddy there to help you eat a strawberry three times the size of your body, but we all die alone.

  • Welcome to the world, newborn turtle. Love is a lie made up to sell you worthless products.

  • That's right, just go back inside your shell because no one out here will ever truly understand you.

  • So you think you can just cruise through life relying on handouts?

  • Wipe that smug smile off your face. Do you not read the news?

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