Best Music Venues In America: Rolling Stone Likes D.C., Chicago And San Francisco

04/26/2013 02:36 pm ET

WASHINGTON -- If you want to see the President of the United States or the band The Presidents Of The United States Of America or your favorite touring band, you want to be in Washington D.C.

The 9:30 Club, one of our favorite rooms, ranked number one on Rolling Stone's list of The Best Big Rooms in America. Their list consists of large clubs and theaters, roughly 500 to 3,000 seat spaces, voted on by managers and musicians that tour these halls.

The list, released Thursday, includes multiple venues in Los Angeles, New York City and Seattle. Chicago, Minneapolis and San Francisco also have highly rated rooms.

The magazine's list of best clubs in America was released in March. Their lists of best amphitheaters, dance clubs, arenas/stadiums, reader's choice poll and sweepstakes are will be released later this year.

Best Venues In America According To Rolling Stone

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