Tribeca Film Festival Awards The Best Vines In #6SECFILMS Competition

04/29/2013 04:46 pm ET
Vine: Matt Swinsky

Martin Scorsese worked a lifetime before finally winning a Best Director Oscar for "The Departed" in 2006. If only he'd been making 6 second Vines instead.

On Friday, the Tribeca Film Festival announced the winners of #6SECFILMS Vine competition, for which they received over 400 entires. Judges on the panel included director Penny Marshal, actor/Viner Adam Goldberg and the "short-short-short film experts/creators" of 5 Second Films.

While 6 seconds isn't exactly a lot of time for would-be auteurs to work with, creative use of jump cuts and sound turn the looping videos into miniature works of art. Winners were separated by category, with each winner receiving $600 dollars, or $100 per second.

Check out some of the winners below, and see the rest over at the Tribeca Film Festival's website:

"Genre" category winner: @Matt Swinsky, for "LazerAndDonald Close Shave." "Extremely inventive if not disturbing use of the form. By far one of the best Vines I've seen," Goldberg said.

"Auteur" category winner: @KevyPizza, "There Is No Sunny-Side to This Story." "I will never look at eggs the same - creatively comical," Marshall said.

"Animate" category winner: @Jethro Ames: "How to Clear Your Garage From a Scary Ghost." "Nice incorporation of animation and sound into common Vine technique," Goldberg said.

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