04/30/2013 11:26 am ET | Updated Apr 30, 2013

Kate Hudson & Goldie Hawn Share More Than Just DNA (VIDEO)


Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn definitely share genes -- but do they share jeans as well? Just in time for Mother's Day, the gorgeous mother-daughter duo co-starred in an Almay video ad and sat down with People to sound off on the elder blond's contributions to a younger generation's style.

Kate confessed to coveting her mom's '70s aesthetic: "Her hair was stringy and wavy and her eyes, her eyelashes, the mascara was incredible." On raiding her mom's closet as a kid, she says, "Mom’s closet was always open. Mom was always into Alaïa [Ed.: An a-what-a?], so there were all these cute, tight bodysuits that she wore all the time. I always got into her closet when I was growing up."

We know the two share an intense bond that impacts every aspect of Hudson's look; back in December, the actress told us that she started copying her mother's beauty routine at an early age. "I grew up with my mom's makeup," Kate said. "She loves her lip gloss. She loves her lip gloss. It's like, can't live without it."

We can certainly relate to cribbing our mom's clothes and beauty products. What's the best thing you've snagged?

Watch Kate and Goldie share their first shared makeup memory in the Almay below, and read the full interview on

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