'Life Through Google's Eyes' Is Grim (VIDEO)

04/30/2013 04:46 pm ET | Updated May 01, 2013

"I'm 30 and have no friends." "I'm 13 and pregnant."

These are some common Google searches, as revealed by this poignant video released last Wednesday by YouTuber Marius B who exposes some of the most personal and troubling concerns of English-speaking Google-users throughout their lives.

Marius did this by Googling "I'm [age] and" to see what Google autocompletes. Our biggest worries, it seems, are pregnancy, loneliness, and sex.

The video's creator explained that he did everything possible to get the cleanest slate possible when conducting these searches. In a response to a YouTube commenter, Marius writes:

The queries are made in the "incognito tab" with no user signed in, no cookies nor history and with a permanent paid VPN targeting the U.S.
Even so there is a chance to get slightly different suggestions around the world due to location.

It looks like people go to Google to research things they are embarrassed by and worried about. People are concerned about their virginity and singledom at every age. If this video tells us anything, it's that our concerns are common, and we should not feel as alone as we clearly do.

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