04/30/2013 03:53 pm ET

Sofía Vergara Admits She's Greedy: 'I Want To Take Advantage Of My 15 Minutes Of Fame'

Courtesy: Cosmopolitan

Sofía Vergara has come clean admitting that since the beginning of her career she has taken advantage of men thanks to her beautiful figure and Latin sexiness, and now the star has admitted she is greedy and wants even more.

On the new June issue of Cosmopolitan the Colombian actress confesses she knew she had made it into the entertainment world way before “Modern Family,” when as a young Hispanic actress she first moved to the California and was being recognized by other Latino men.

“In my 20s, I was already known in the Latina market. When I moved to L.A., I used to go to this club. At the end of the night, everybody would come outside to get their cars,” she said in an interview with the magazine. “I would be next to Leonardo Dicaprio and Justin Timberlake and my car was always right out in front! Nobody knew who I was, but the valets knew because they were Latin.”

The artist assures she is ambitious and is not planning on settling for less.

“I haven’t been at this level [of fame] until now. I’m greedy. I want to take advantage of my 15 minutes,” the actress added.

Vergara, 40, is currently the highest paid television actress, and a Latina icon. She is also an entrepreneur, who runs a multimillion brand business that includes a line of clothes, jewelry, handbags, shoes and home items.

For more on Sofia Vergara's Cosmo's new edition, head over to pick up the June issue when it hits newsstands May 7.

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