Luminites Sing 'It Hurts So Good' In Amazing 'Britain's Got Talent' Audition (VIDEO)

04/30/2013 04:53 pm ET

We've seen some awesome, standing ovation-worthy "Britain's Got Talent" auditions so far this season, but we haven't seen anything quite like the Luminites, who performed an acoustic cover of "It Hurts So Good" this past weekend.

Watch their incredibly unique version of the song in the video above.

Having been together for about two years where many days were spent "literally singing for [their] dinner," this "Britain's Got Talent" performance was the group's biggest gig yet. The British quartet -- consisting of Ben (19), Steph (18), JJ (18) and Corey (21) -- added a new spin to the the R&B 1970s hit by stripping it down and incorporating beatboxing.

The judges called the audition "brilliant" (Simon Cowell even said it was his favorite act of the day) and they sent the music group into the next round of the reality show.

"We just want to show everyone exactly what we can do," explained JJ backstage.

Considering the impression they made in their very first performance, we have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot more of the young singers this season.

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