Many couples consider their dogs to be a part of the family. So it's only natural that pups are often invited to join in on the festivities when their "parents" tie the knot!

On Tuesday, we asked our followers on Twitter and Facebook to send us photos of the furry friends that helped them celebrate their Big Days. Click through the slideshow below to see 15 adorable dogs at weddings.

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  • Submitted by @KatieKMundy

  • "This is our two year old dog Doc at our wedding September 7th, 2012." Submitted by Myra & Brennan Mishler

  • "Furry friend! And no, the bride only <em>looks</em> like Kate Middleton." Submitted by Jennifer Hudson Smith

  • Submitted by @JoPhotos

  • "Kelly and Josh included their puppy Lola in their wedding in a big way -- she was the ring bearer! She wore a pink tutu with matching harness that secured the rings. On cue I sent her down the aisle. She stopped to sniff the petals, but eventually made it down." Submitted by Becca Smith

  • "Our dog Keeva was part of our wedding on Sept. 22, 2012." Submitted by Kirsten Stewart

  • Submitted by Laurie Tisch

  • @DiannaMcD: "Spotted this adorable guy at a wedding in Chelsea last fall"

  • Submitted by @laurencowart

  • "My English Bulldog, Chunk, <a href="" target="_blank">actually got married</a> at the Saguaro Hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona!" Submitted by Sandra Guadarrama-Baumunk

  • "I had a dapper dog at my wedding, too!" Submitted by Kattee Forche

  • Submitted by Beth Roberts

  • "I think you'll like this dog, Wallie. He's one of my all-time favorite wedding guests." Submitted by Kym Ventola

  • Submitted by @helekill

  • Submitted by Carol Guinto

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