04/30/2013 12:22 pm ET

WATCH: Why He Hates Going To Graduation (And You Should, Too)

Guys, it's nearing the end of the school year, which means it's time for us all to face a cold, hard truth: Graduation pretty much sucks. Not the act of graduating high school itself, of course, because that part is awesome, but the long, cheesy and often mind-numbingly boring ceremony.

Don't believe us? YouTube user BlimeyCow has put together a pretty convincing (read: hilarious) video explaining all of the many reasons why you should be dreading it as much as he is this year. Watch above.

Surprisingly, the young YouTuber does admit to one small highlight of the event: "Watching all the girls as they attempt to walk in high heels across the grass." Ouch.

What do you think of the vid? Do you feel like graduation inevitably turns into what he calls "a game of who is going to get the loudest cheer [and] who is going to get the longest cheer"? Sound off in the comments below or tweet your defense of graduation to @HuffPostTeen!


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