Reggie Miller Curses In Warriors' Locker Room While Making Postgame Speech (VIDEO)

05/03/2013 01:59 am ET

Reggie, they call it "stuff" in the Warriors locker room.

Moments after Golden State closed out the Denver Nuggets in Game 6 of their Western Conference playoff series, Reggie Miller dropped by the Warriors' locker room. A former teammate of Warriors coach Mark Jackson, Miller was at Oracle Arena in Oakland to call the game for TNT. After delivering some kind remarks about the team spirit the Warriors displayed, Miller turned his attention to the team's struggles in the final minutes of the game.

"Now, the last three minutes, I don't know where all that shit came from," Miller said.


Miller was quickly reminded that such language wouldn't fly in Jackson's locker room. Presumably, someone from TNT gave Miller a similar scolding at some point later.

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