05/03/2013 05:01 pm ET

Rick Perry's NRA Intro Video Needs To Be Seen To Be Believed

Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) riled up the crowd at the National Rifle Association's annual convention in Houston on Friday, coming out to an introductory video showing him taking target practice with an assault-style rifle at a shooting range.

To a backdrop of Ted Nugent guitar, Perry guns down target after target, then, in slow motion, removes the magazine and gives a stoic, action-star gaze over the camera.

He then delivered an impassioned speech about the Second Amendment and Texas, KWTX reports.

Perry is a staunch gun rights supporter and avid shooter. For more on his gun slinging and efforts to draw firearms manufacturers to Texas, click over to Houston's KTRK for a recent segment.

To watch the NRA convention and read more on the weekend's proceedings, click here.


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